Our Artificial Grass Services Colorado

We offer a wide products that are all customized for your unique needs.

Residential Artificial Turf

Technology advancements have meant that the artificial grass products offered today have a look and feel which is much more realistic when compared to the products of yesteryear.

You can forget about that fluoro green, stiff bristled, carpet look. Today’s synthetic grass products resemble a nice thick and lush looking lawn that not only looks great but also has many other benefits.

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial grass can be a perfect solution for your family dog or other pet. It offers a thick, clean, safe and visually appealing lawn that is soft underfoot meaning your dog’s paws will love it.

The running around of pets can lead to high traffic which traditional real grass can’t handle. It will become dull, brown and even die if it isn’t given time to recover adequately. Synthetic grass doesn’t have this problem and is well suited to the wear and tear that family pets can bring.

Synthetic Grass Golf and Putting Greens

Classic Backyards can supply and professionally install a tournament standard realistic synthetic grass golf and putting green that will allow you to practice your golf game in your own backyard any time of the day.

Of course, installation isn’t just limited to backyards, we can install a putt putt course in any outdoor or indoor location artificial grass can be installed including, hotels, motels, retirement villages, offices, apartment buildings, parks, and schools.

Schools and sport

Synthetic grass can be a great choice for School and Playground surfaces. We understand that the safety of your children is always priority number one and this is one of the reasons why we recommend a professionally installed synthetic grass surface for their play needs.

Commercial Turf

We offer a wide variety of landscaping and commercial purpose synthetic turf products. All our suppliers are dedicated manufacturer of synthetic grass and continues to develop through professional research and testing of raw materials and synthetic grass products.

To achieve the precise type, mix and balance of raw materials for our synthetic surfaces, we continually trial new materials and assess results, which is our ongoing guarantee to manufacturing the “best of the best” natural, safe, lead and heavy metal free and eco friendly grasses.