The Best Artificial Grass For Pets.

When it comes to choosing the best artificial grass for pets, the material and pile height of the artificial grass you choose can make a significant difference, as well as understanding your pets’ needs and which artificial grass is best suited to their needs.

There are three common pile heights of pet-friendly artificial turf and they come with different densities and are made from different materials:

In this guide, we’ll dig deeper into each type of pet-friendly artificial grass and we’ll help you understand what is the best artificial grass for pets.

Short Pile Artificial Grass

Short pile artificial grass has a pile height of less than 1.25 inches and is typically made of nylon or polypropylene.

It is an ideal choice for smaller pets or those who like to dig and the short blades make it easy to clean, reducing the chances of bad odors from pet waste. Learn more about artificial grass for cats.

Nylon-made short pile is the most durable and resilient, so it can withstand high traffic and rigorous play but it can feel more abrasive for your pets, whereas polypropylene short pile is the softest and most comfortable but less durable.

Medium Pile Artificial Grass

Medium pile artificial grass, often made of polyethylene, strikes a balance between comfort and durability and has a pile height ranging between 1.25 to 2.5 inches.

It is perfect for medium-sized pets or those who enjoy sunbathing on the grass and provides a realistic look, imitating natural grass.

Polyethylene material is less abrasive than nylon, yet more durable than polypropylene, and is also easy to clean.

Long Pile Artificial Grass

Long pile artificial grass, usually made of polypropylene or polyethylene, is the closest in appearance to natural grass.

It has a pile height of over 2.5 inches, providing a lush and comfortable surface for larger pets or those who enjoy rolling and lounging on the grass.

While polypropylene long pile tends to be more comfortable and affordable, polyethylene offers a more realistic look.

The longer blades can also help hide any pet messes, however, it will require more maintenance and cleaning than than shorter pile grass to keep it odor-free and looking its best.



Understanding Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass and Its Benefits.

What Makes Artificial Grass Pet-Friendly?

Artificial grass is deemed pet-friendly due to several key features.

So let’s look at some of the factors that contribute to the best artificial grass for pets:

  • Durability: Pet-friendly artificial grass is made to withstand the rough and tumble play of your pets, and resists tears and damage from claws and teeth.
  • Drainage: Pet turf has superior drainage capabilities, meaning it can handle pet pee and solid waste efficiently, preventing odors and maintaining a clean environment.
  • Non-Toxic: Pet-friendly artificial grass is made from non-toxic materials so it’s safe for pets to play on, roll around on, and even chew.
  • Comfort: Fake grass for pets is soft and comfortable and provides an even surface for pets to walk, play, and rest on. It doesn’t have sharp or hard elements that can harm your pet.


The Benefits of Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

If you are undecided about installing pet-friendly artificial turf, here are some of the benefits for homeowners and their pets:

  • Low Maintenance: Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t need watering, mowing, or fertilizing, saving you time and effort
  • Easy to Clean: Waste management becomes a breeze, simply scoop up solid waste and hose down the area for liquid waste. Learn more about keeping artificial grass clean.
  • No Mud or Puddles: Say goodbye to muddy paws and puddles, as artificial grass doesn’t create dirt or hold water due to good drainage
  • Prevents Digging: With artificial turf, pet owners no longer have to worry about their pets digging up the yard, meaning no more unsightly holes and patches of dirt in your lawn
  • Healthier Pets: Artificial grass reduces the risk of pets contracting diseases from pests like ticks and fleas that can live in natural grass, and it eliminates allergies in pets that are allergic to natural grass
  • No Brown Spots: Pets, especially dogs, can cause brown spots on natural grass. With artificial grass, your lawn remains green and vibrant all year long
  • Cost-Effective: In the long run, artificial grass can save you money on water bills, lawn care products, and services. Learn more about the cost of installing artificial grass.


Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Grass for Pets


How Often Is Cleaning Required?

Cleaning frequency depends on your pet’s usage. A good rule of thumb is to rinse and brush the artificial grass once a week and to use a mild pet-friendly detergent once a month for a thorough clean.

In case of heavy usage by pets, more frequent cleaning might be required.


How Long Does Artificial Grass Last With Pets?

High-quality artificial grass can last between 15 – 20 years, even with pets, and the durability depends on the type of grass installed and the usage.

Factors like the size and activity level of your pet can influence the wear and tear of the grass, however regular cleaning and maintenance can prolong its lifespan.


How Do You Introduce Your Pet To The New Artificial Grass?

Introduce your pet to the artificial grass slowly. Encourage your pet to walk, play, and use the grass for their everyday activities as usual, and use positive reinforcement like treats and praises when they use it.

Some pets may take time to get used to the feel of artificial grass, but the key is to be patient and allow them to take it at their own pace.



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