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With Colorado Artificial Turf, the artificial grass is always greener in Colorado. Our partners offer the highest quality grade, durable and best looking fake turf in Denver. Get your free cost estimate today.

Range of sizes and applications

We install in a range of different situations such as: 

  • Landscaping
  • Home Lawns
  • Pet Systems
  • Golf and putting turf
  • Play areas
  • Sport fields
  • Entertainment areas
  • Commercial Turf
  • Rooftops, decks and patios

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At the heart of a joyful home are the playful steps of pets and the cheerful laughter of kids. Our partners’ artificial grass is designed to be safe for pets and kids. It offers a perfect blend of durability and comfort, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for playtime.

Our partners’ synthetic turf is non-toxic and lead-free, making it a worry-free choice for families. It’s gentle on paws and soft enough to cushion the falls that are all part of children’s play. The easy-to-clean surface means less time worrying about messes and more time enjoying moments with your furry friends and little ones.


Embracing artificial grass means welcoming a world of convenience and ease. Here’s why it’s a smart choice:

Swift Installation: Our partner’s artificial grass solutions are designed for quick and efficient installation. Professional teams ensure your new lawn is ready in no time, transforming your space without lengthy disruptions.
Hassle-Free Maintenance: Say goodbye to the constant upkeep of natural grass. Artificial turf requires minimal maintenance – no mowing, watering, or fertilizing needed. Just occasional cleaning keeps it looking pristine year-round. Know more about artificial grass requirements and artificial grass maintenance equipment.

Designed to last!

Artificial Grass should last you at least 10 – 25 years. This ensures that you recover all your money back that you would have spent on maintaining a grass lawn many times over. We will make sure your lawn is neat and professional for many years to come. With a 10 year warranty your synthetic lawn will look perfect for years to come. 

  • Wide range of types
  • Different coloured stranded grasses mixed together to ensure realism and durability.
  • 10-year Artificial Grass Product Warranty
  • 5 Year Installation Warranty


When considering the switch to artificial grass, understanding the factors that influence the cost of artificial grass is crucial. The investment in artificial turf can vary significantly based on several key elements:
Grass Type: Different varieties, from basic to high-end, can influence cost.
Area Size: Larger spaces require more materials, impacting the price.
Installation Complexity: Costs vary based on terrain and installation challenges.
Quality and Durability: Higher quality often means higher initial costs but can lead to long-term savings.
Maintenance Requirements: Low-maintenance options may offer more cost savings over time.

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Areas in Colorado that Colorado Artificial Turf serves includes: Aurora, Boulder, Castle Rock, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Littleton, Longmont, Westminster